What does writing mean to me?

Art is the best thing we do. For me, I express myself and my art through writing. I’ve always felt a certain kinship with published writers, admiring how they put the most vulnerable and honest parts of themselves into their work for the world to read. All my life, I have wanted to do the same. I often look to literature for an escape, taking in just about any story I can get my hands on.

My philosophy when it comes to writing is that writing as a career needs to be fuelled with passion. If an individual wants to take their writing to the next level, as an entrepreneur, they need to have a creative drive and intense passion behind it in order to succeed. This stands true for all aspects and genres of writing. When it comes to writing, I personally do it because I feel the absolute need to do it above all other things. I write because I have stories I want to tell, stories that demand to be heard – or read – by an audience. I want to communicate my words to the world, and ideally change lives. I want someone to feel motivated or comforted by my writing and know that I have made a difference in at least one person’s life.

As an avid reader myself, I have often sought comfort in the words of authors through their novels. This has long inspired me to write a novel of my own – ideally, multiple. But I will start with one. As a long time writer, I have previously had two short stories published in different online literary magazines. These publications have given me a thrilling feeling like none other I have experienced in my life. I want to accomplish this on a larger scale with a published novel. Until then, I will keep on writing. I try to adhere to a schedule, or a vague goal in my mind of when I want my projects to be completed, and then I want to send it out into the world and hope someone takes a bite. I have completed multiple freelance projects now, including interviews and blog posts and feel this is a step in the right direction for my career.

To me, writing is the ultimate way to express myself. It is how I communicate. As I generate work, I search for content and topics that I connect with. I aim to write about things that I feel passionate about and can connect on with clients. Please see below the services I offer, and I hope to connect with you soon.


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Freelance Writer
Provide blog and web content, conduct interviews, offer editing and proofreading services, etc.


Honours Bachelor Degree Creative Writing & Publishing
Sheridan College
September 2018-April 2022